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This is my personal website- so thanks for stopping by.  I decided to build it for a lot of silly reasons.  First, it means I get the easiest possible email address to remember- which is good, right?  Second, the site helps me keep track of my online personal and business social life so I know where I'm coming from and where I'm supposed to be going.  It has all my personal social media stuff and my business profiles organized in one place so its easier for me to find them next time.  I also run test cases on the site to figure out how the Internet works.  Finally, it gives me a place to blog and post deep random thoughts....LOL!

A lot of my friends call me a web geek because I really enjoy building websites- I like trying to figure out how to make Google and other web bots like them.  It's a total popularity contest for nerds like me!  I live and work in Missouri, but the companies I own and operate are Internet based businesses so we end up working with people all over the country.  I love that!

If you or your business ever have a need for a business insurance, you should give my companies a call.  I can guarantee that my staff and I will appreciate your business and take care to provide you with professional, high-quality, super-friendly service.

I enjoy working with people, watching people succeed, spending time with my friends and family, and I loved and miss coaching youth soccer here in Columbia, MO.  I recently stepped  down as President of the Columbia Soccer Club.  I'm looking forward to the challenge-  Walt Capell.





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